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Paddy Power Free Bet

Paddy Power are offering an exclusive £50 free bet to new customers, not available if you visit their site directly. No promo code or bonus code is required, simply visit their website via the button above or right to reveal this exclusive Paddy Power free bet.

Once you've opened an account, place a first bet of up to £50 and Paddy Power will match it with a free bet to the same value. For example, bet £10 and get a free £10 bet, or bet £50 and get a free £50 bet.

Paddy Power Promotions

Paddy Power claim to be the 'Punter's Pal' and their promotions are certainly the most creative in the industry with daily money-back specials and added value incentives. They regularly refund losing bets when specified players score in football games, if the last goal is scored in the last 5 minutes, when horses land over the last fence ahead but don't win etc. They also offer improved each-way terms on big events (they paid out on 7 places rather than the standard 5 for each-way bets on the 2011 Open Golf Championship).

For the 2011 Champions League Final they took the money-back concept to a new level by asking customers to select which offer they wanted to apply for the Wembley showpiece. The customers overwhelmingly and shrewdly opted for the 'Barcelona to win in 90 minutes' option, meaning Paddy Power gave back over €3 million to customers who had bet on the match. Things didn't get any better for them this year, as they offered to refund all losing First Goalscorer, Last Goalscorer, Correct Score and Scorecast singles on the match if Chelsea lifted the trophy in Munich!

More recently, England's exit to Italy at the 2012 World Cup ensured one of the biggest money-back specials refunds in the firms history (over €1 million) as they had promised to refund all losing First Goalscorer, Last Goalscorer, Correct Score and Scorecast bets on the match if it went to penalties.

For football betting they will refund all losing 4 folds and upwards in their 'accumulator special' - if your bet is winning at half time but not at full time (up to £100 per person).

The 'Paddy Price Promise' guarantees prices on both horse and greyhound racing. This applies to early prices and board prices so you cannot lose out by taking the price. For example, take 2/1 and if your selection wins at 4/1 you get paid at 4/1. Paddy Power are the only bookmaker to guarantee all early and board prices on both horses and dogs.

For horse racing betting they also offer a unique 'Faller Insurance' bet - by taking a slightly shorter price you'll get your money back if your horse falls, unseats the jockey or is brought down. This is particularly useful when betting on horses that are prone to falling or in big steeplechases like the Grand National when fallers are more common.

Alternatively 'Insurebet' 2 Places is a way of placing a bet that will give you your money back if your horse finishes second. If you choose Insurebet, you will also get a slightly reduced price, but the comfort of your money back if your horse is denied victory. They even offer Insurebet 3 Places, with your money back if your horse finishes second or third.

If you think that the horse you fancy is unlikely to win a race, but will still put up a good show, Paddy Power Place Betting could be the perfect solution for you. If you bet on a horse to finish in a place, you are backing the horse to finish in the top 2, 3 or 4, depending on the number of runners in the race.

They also pay out on a 'Double Result' which means that if your horse is first past the post you get paid, even if it is subsequently disqualified from first place. This happens regularly during the year and Paddy Power pay out on both horses as winners in these instances.

Paddy Power's weekly Premier League prediction competition called 'Last Man Standing' is a favourite with customers, offering a guaranteed prize of £2,000 for every tournament.

To play you simply select one team from the upcoming week's Premier League fixtures. If they win you are through to the next round - if they lose or draw you are out (although for just one round of fixtures you are allowed to nominate the win and draw). The tricky bit is that you may not pick the same team to win more than once during each tournament, unless it progresses past 20 weeks.

A new tournament commences each week and customers are allowed to join multiple tournaments, with the 'last man standing' winning the guaranteed jackpot of £2,000 in each (entry costs £1, so the prize-pools may exceed this guarantee depending on the number of entries).

Paddy Power are renowned for their early pay-outs to customers - allowing customers to collect before the event has finished, or sometimes before it has even started!

For example, in 1999 they paid out on Istabraq to win the Champion Hurdle the day before the race and indeed the odds-on favourite romped home, whilst more recently they paid out on New Zealand winning the 2011 Rugby World Cup, days before the final against France - which the All-Blacks just won 8-7.

However this strategy doesn't always pay off and in January 2003, Paddy Power paid out early on bets on Arsenal to win the Premiership but then had to pay out again when Manchester United caught Arsenal to win the league. Then, after the first game of the 2009/10 season, they paid out on Stoke being relegated following their 3-1 defeat to Bolton, however Stoke finished the season well clear of relegation.

The same year they made their biggest mistake when they took the unprecedented step of paying out over €1m to backers of Tiger Woods to win the US PGA after just two rounds (when he was four shots clear of the field). However, Tiger finished second to South Korean Y.E.Yang in what would otherwise have been a fantastic result for the bookmaker.

The Irish firm also offer 'justice payouts' in betting - for exampe they refunded bets on Dustin Johnson to win the USPGA after the American golfer was given a two shot penalty for grounding his club in what was rather unfairly deemed to be a bunker:

"Dustin may have to live with the fact rules have robbed him of a chance of winning a major but we don't have to live with such strait-jacketed nonsense. Any Johnson bets with us haven't bitten the Dust on this occasion so its money back."

More recently they refunded over £200,000 in losing bets to customers who backed Wales to beat France in the 2011 Rugby World Cup semi-final, after Welsh captain Sam Warburton was controversially sent off after 20 minutes of the game, saying:

"The Welsh played like heroes but Warburton's red killed the game - and Welsh chances. Any punter who backed them to win the game never stood a chance after that so hopefully getting their money back will go a small way to soothing Welsh woes over the injustice."

They also refunded bets on Frankie Cocozza to those who had backed him to win X Factor, after he was kicked off the show for breaking the rules - with stakes amounting to more than £10,000.

Paddy Power said: "Frankie punters didn't get much of a run for their money so we're only too happy to have a decent excuse to give their money back."

Paddy Power Bookmakers

Paddy Power are Ireland's largest bookmaker and also one of the biggest bookies in the UK with towards 400 stores and towards €5 billion turnover in 2011.

The firm was formed in 1988 ("when bookmakers were not much fun") with the merger of three Irish high-street bookmakers: Kenny O'Reilly Bookmakers, P. Corcoran Bookmakers and a significant proportion of the betting shops trading as Richard Power Bookmakers, owned by David Power - who is still an on-course bookmaker (and non-executive Director of Paddy Power).

The Power name was retained due to it's resonance with Irish punters, Richard Power having established his firm in 1894 in Co. Waterford. His son, Paddy, then took over the family business and passed it in turn on to David.

The Paddy prefix was rather invevitable, emphasising the company's Irishness, and David's son, yes you've guessed it, Paddy Power, now works for the company as head of communications / public spokesperson - the fourth generation Irish bookmaker is one of the best known PR men in the industry, with regular appearances on TV and radio across the UK and Ireland.

The firm itself doesn't appear to take their heritage (or anything) too seriously: 'Some say the name comes from two well known brands of Irish whiskey, some believe it's a kind of Irish superhero. The truth is, we've forgotten' and their marketing is somewhat different to their competitors. Indeed, the Dublin based firm admit that their approach is "the marketing equivalent of running up and slapping you in the face" and their tongue in cheek, mischievous approach certainly courts controversy, with advertising campaigns, PR stunts and close-to-the-bone markets all drawing criticism.

Examples of this include:

An advert showing two old ladies crossing a zebra crossing with a menacing 4x4 in the distance and odds alongside each granny (Paddy Power claimed the odds were on who would cross the road first, not which would be run over, but the ad was banned anyway).

One ad depicting Jesus at the Last Supper sitting in front of a pile of gambling chips and another offering odds of 100,000/1 on the late Pope, John Paul II - a former goalkeeper - being the next signing by Glasgow Rangers (they subsequently announced that they had refunded all bets when the Pope broke his leg while taking a shower). Bus shelters advertising this bet were smashed but, unperturbed, in 2010 they put a stall outside the Vatican, when bishops were deciding the next Pope, offering odds on the candidates.

A TV advertising campaign which showed a blind footballer kicking a cat into a tree and the commentary: "Paddy Power can't get Tiddles back, there's nothing we can do about that. But we can get you your money back with our money-back specials." This was the most complained about UK advert of 2010, although the Advertising Standards Authority did not censure the ad, saying it was "surreal and light-hearted".

Another TV ad depicting four wheelchair bound men "doing a runner" from a curry house - this advert was banned as it was "likely to cause widespread offence", but got exposure after they posted it on YouTube.

Getting a Tongan player to change his name to Paddy Power by deed poll during the 2007 Rugby World Cup, then dying the hair of the entire Tonga team green before their match with England (the IRB stamped down and the dye was removed before the game).

Offering a market on the first species to be driven to extinction by the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Their press release, entitled "Ridley Turtle Tipped For Oily Exit", read:

"(24 May 2010, Dublin) As the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico enters its second month with little or no sign of abating, leading betting outfit Paddy Power are taking bets on the first species to become extinct as a direct result of the spill. Top of the bookies list at odds of 4/5 is the already critically endangered Kemp's Ridley Turtle. In what must be considered spectacularly bad luck, this particular species of turtle migrates to the Gulf of Mexico at this exact time of year. The Bluefin Tuna which recently failed to make UN's list of protected fish is the 6/4 second-favourite followed by the Leatherback Sea Turtle and Brown Pelicans, both at odds of 8/1."

They have also offered odds on the decline in the population of world-wide Polar Bears and on U.S. President Barack Obama not finishing his first term - widely interpreted as odds on his assassination.

Erecting a 50 foot tall promotional sign ("the world's biggest Hollywood style sign") on the hillside overlooking Cheltenham racecourse during the 2010 Cheltenham Festival - to the annoyance of racecourse officials and their bookmaker rivals who secured all the Festival race sponsorship, but comparatively little publicity. Channel 4 were also displeased, as their refusal to give free advertising to Paddy Power precluded them from broadcasting sweeping, panoramic vistas of Prestbury Park in their Cheltenham coverage (the sign was removed after the Festival, with the local council threatening proceedings because the sign did not have planning permission).

Later that year they erected the sign again - next to Celtic Manor golf course before the Ryder Cup. This time they lost a court case brought to fight an injunction issued by the local council and the sign was removed, with Paddy Power saying: "We are clearly the victims of bureaucratic bullies and rich golf course owners but we will respect the verdict of the court. I guess it's a textbook case of - we fought the law and the law won". Celtic Manor Resort owner Sir Terry Matthews was furious at the way Paddy Power tried to deflect attention away from the official sponsors: "It's just disgraceful that genuine backers of the event can be usurped in such a fashion", but the Irish bookies were unrepentant, offering odds on where the sign would appear next - including 50/1 on "Terry Matthews' back garden".

In March 2010, Paddy Power 'revealed' that Tiger Woods, then suffering the fallout from revelations of extra-marital affairs - with a number of sponsors ending their links with him - had turned down a $75 million (£50m) five-year sponsorship offer from them. More recently, they were 'rumoured' to be putting together a sponsorship proposal for Wayne Rooney after similar negative publicity. Paddy Power said: "No direct formal negotiations have been made, but there is an appetite for it at this end" - no doubt their motives being association to a big news story rather than a new strategy in brand development.

A month later they paid £10,000 to have the Paddy Power name on a new confessional box in a church in Newmarket. The box has green curtains branded in the corporate logo of the bookmaker and the words 'Sin Bin' on the outside.

Paddy Power said "It's a great fit and perhaps over time confessing your sins in a Paddy Power confession box will become a tradition for race-goers."

As part of a 'Bring the Noise' marketing campaign to increase brand awareness and appeal, Paddy Power branded a burger van and handed out thousands of free burgers at various football matches. At Wembley before a Euro qualifier against Russia, the Paddy Power crew even hosted the 'Great Burger Off' eating competition between Paddy Power and ex-footballer Mickey (The Meat) Quinn, to see how many burgers they could eat in 1 minute (Mickey lost out to Paddy by a single burger).

Paddy Power also secured national broadcast, print and online coverage with their tongue-in-cheek 'Horseracing 2.0' project, outlining proposals to revolutionise horse racing for both jockeys and punters. Their vision acknowledged that many sports have benefited from technological innovations to make athletes perform at the pinnacle of their ability, but felt that horse racing was slightly behind the times and they worked with champion jockey AP McCoy in creating skin-tight, aerodynamic 'silks of the future' and on-board cameras.

Needless to say, Paddy Power will offer odds on anything and are even happy to create their own 'events' to gain publicity. For example, in 2008 they put ten eggs in an incubator with a camera ('Eggycam') and let people bet on which would hatch first. The world's press picked up the story one week in to eggycam and the story featured across the globe with thousands going online to watch four little chickens hatch out of their eggs - of course Paddy Power dressed up as a chicken to publicise the stunt (in case you wondered whether he had any shame left).

In January 2012 Paddy Power were labelled "socially irresponsible" by the UK Advertising Standards Authority after running an advertisement featuring Liverpool football Luis Suarez, on the basis that Suarez was 24 years old when, under its regulations, gambling adverts should not feature anybody under 25 "gambling or playing a significant role".

The very next month, a Paddy Power TV advert featuring 'transgendered ladies' at the Cheltenham Festival was taken off the air after complaints. The ad invited viewers to spot the "stallions" from the "mares", whilst a subsequent ad showed 'chavs' being shot with a tranquiliser gun at the Festival.

Social media activity was at the heart of this latest marketing marketing campaign. 'We hear you' is the strapline for all their recent advertising and they use this interaction with customers to inspire campaigns. For example, the 'chav tranquilliser' ad was inspired by someone complaining about the louts at the races on their facebook page (which has towards 300,000 'likes').

Love them or loathe them for their shameless self-promotion, guerilla marketing tactics and sometimes insensitive / borderline inflammatory approach, Paddy Power are a bookie whose dogged refusal to conform enables them to stand out from the pack. Whilst, from a branding perspective, they attempt to be perceived as a 'lovable rogue' rather than being seen to be offensive, a nuisance or reckless, there is no doubt that they revel in the in the notoriety they have acquired. Their simple vision is that interacting with Paddy Power should be entertaining, fun and fair.

Away from the quirky, they have sponsored the Paddy Power Gold Cup, feature race of the Cheltenham Open meeting every November, since 2003. The role of honour for this Grade 3 race, originally known as the Mackeson Gold Cup, includes 2008 winner Imperial Commander, who went on to land the 2009 Ryanair Chase at the Cheltenham Festival - followed by the Cheltenham Gold Cup in 2010.

They are also sponsors of the Paddy Power Imperial Cup, a two mile handicap hurdle run at Sandown the Saturday before the Cheltenham Festival. Paddy Power offers a bonus of £75,000 to connections of any horse that wins this traditional Festival curtain raiser and then any Cheltenham contest the following week.

Paddy Power Website

Unsurprisingly for a fiercely Irish brand, the Paddy Power website - launched in 2000 - is prominently green, white and orange.

Simplicity is the keyword of their site design, with the latest promotions and special offers prominent at the top, followed by direct links to live events, upcoming races and the most popular bets at the time.

Look out also for their Specials boxes - as mentioned Paddy Power are renowned for their money-back offers and you'll nearly always find one or two concessions prominent online. There are also 'Pimp That Bet' and 'Power Play' boxes, offering you the opportunity to boost your potential winnings by adding popular bets to your bet slip or via enhanced odds on specified bets.

The 'Live Betting' tab in the top menu takes you directly to in-running betting and all in-play matches from all sports are listed in a single coupon so that you can easily find the event you are looking for, or bet across multiple events. There is also a financial betting section within the live betting area - for those who wish to bet live on the stock market.

A particularly unique feature of the live betting section is the ability to drag and drop page items to achieve the layout you want. For example, if you prefer certain markets to sit at the top of the market list, simply click and hold down your cursor over the item header area. Then drag the item to a highlighted area and drop it - your preference will be remembered for the rest of your visit.

The Paddy Power website offers the widest range of betting markets on non-sporting and novelty markets, such as he outcome of popular TV events, betting on the Royal Family and election results. In the past, it has offered odds on the next member of the Irish parliament to use the F-word and the existence of aliens.

A bit of blarney is inevitable of course and the Paddy Power homepage always includes a fair bit of irreverent 'chat' about upcoming events. Quite often in the event boxes they'll offer their forthright opinions and they rarely hold back, but it's always done with a bit of humour.

Other features of the Paddy Power website include a blog called 'Over the line' which they describe as 'our own warped slant on the world...bashing those who need to be bashed and always having some fun and not taking things too seriously.'

The blog includes plenty of banter about hot topics and major events, amusing YouTube clips, competitions, spot prizes and an opportunity for customers to interact with them. Their website therefore has a community feel - making paddypower.com a more entertaining destination than certain 'stuffier' bookmaker sites.

For those who want to stay up-to-date with the latest Paddy Power blog updates, there's the opportunity to subscribe by email and, inevitably, there is a Paddy Power facebook group and twitter page (@paddypower). The blog also includes a link to 'Paddy Power Podcasts', available via iTunes.

The Paddy Power Sports Streaming Centre is available via the 'Watch Live' menu tab, where you can see live video streaming of up to 3000 sporting events a year. There is also a 'commentary' tab wth live horse racing commentary available from the UK and Ireland, in text or audio - ideal if you're not able to watch a race on TV. Audio commentary also includes live greyhound races from all daytime and evening BAGS meetings, and is available from 10:00 - with pre-race previews and analysis.

There are also audio football previews with match reports (half and full time) and results round-ups for all games involving clubs in the English Premiership.

Whatever your sport you can also use the Paddy Power website to check results via their 'Results Centre'. Select a date, sport and event and the result will pop-up instantly. The results centre also includes a comprehensive football stats section, with every vital statistic you'll need on the major football leagues around the world.

One very useful feature is the Paddy Power Bet Calculator which you can find in the menu under 'calculator'. From this you can calculate each-way or win only returns for all variety of bets including singles, doubles, trebles, trixies and yankees.

Finally, if you want to go Paddy crazy, either add the 'Paddy's Toolbar' news feed to your pc or select their customizable start page as your browser homepage. This is effectively your personal digital newsstand which you can tailor to display news, blog, podcasts and photo feeds - ideal for the serious sports fan and gamblers.

Paddy Power Mobile App

Paddy Power Mobile is familiar to many from their TV advertising campaigns, which parody pretentious mobile phone commercials with models talking sensually and revering a mobile - before being interrupted by a straight talking Paddy Power rep who grabs the phone and tells us to use it to bet, emphasising Paddy Power's no-nonsense attitude.

Paddy Power was the world's first bookmaker to launch iPhone and iPad apps, which are available from the app store on iTunes or by scanning the QR code on their website.

Their mobile product is also available on Blackberry, Android and Nokia Ovi, as well as all other internet enabled phones and more than 20% of Paddy Power sports betting transactions are now placed on mobile.

Whatever your phone, simply register online and you can access your account on the move - it's easy to log-in and navigate around the various markets and quick deposit is available from the bet slip if you have insufficient funds.

They also offer casino games for mobile users, with all their most popular table games and slots available for you to play on your phone.

Don't worry if you don't have a smart phone, if you have an online Paddy Power account you can bet via paddypower.mobi on just about any phone that can connect to the internet.

Paddy Power Bingo

Paddy offers a 400% sign up bingo bonus, with a £20 bonus for just a £5 deposit. New players also have access to the Newbie room featuring Paddy's New Player Party, with free and penny bingo games winning cash prizes.

Paddy Power also offers lots of free bingo games, guaranteed money games, 1TG and 2TG games. Personalisation is encouraged in The Lab which is an innovative room where the players decide the schedule.

Paddy's Star Rewards is a loyalty scheme that is 'out of this world'. There are four Star levels (White Star, Silver Star, Gold Star and Supernova) to move up and players earn Star Points at each level to earn bonuses.

The community is encouraged using competitions such as Roomie of the week and Pet of the week and their bingo offering is further strengthened by a reliable, award-winning, customer services team.

Paddy Power Casino

New users who register with Paddy Power will be awarded £5 free to trial their casino games - and then can opt-in to receive a 100% bonus up to £300 on their first deposit

The casino at Paddy Power includes numerous varieties of casino table games, for example there are 10 different blackjack games and 12 different varieties of roulette! They also have a remarkable 40 jackpot slot games as well as various more obscure casino card games such as 'Red Dog' and 'Tequlia Poker'

If you would prefer to play the Paddy Power Live Casino there is less variety, with just blackjack, roulette and baccarat available, but you do get real dealers streamed direct to your PC from a casino. If you type into the chat box whilst playing they'll even talk to you whilst dealing.

There is also a £25 sign-up bonus for Live Casino which you claim by visiting their Live Casino promotions page - select the 'Welcome Bonus' tab and then simply click on the yellow 'Opt-In' button to qualify.

Paddy Power Games

Paddy Power Games include TV favourites such as The Million Pound Drop, Deal Or No Deal and X Factor as well as other arcade and scratchcard games.

Their most popular current game is Leprechaun's Luck - a suitably Irish themed slot game with 3 bonus rounds and featuring a big progressive jackpot.

If 3 Leprechaun symbols appear anywhere on the reels you are awarded free spins. The Leprechaun will blow on his pipe making numbers out of the smoke to determine the number of free spins.

You can trigger the 'Rainbow Bonus' game; by getting 3 'Pot of Gold' scatter symbols anywhere on the reels and if all 7 colours of the rainbow get lit in this bonus game you win the progressive jackpot.

Paddy Power Poker

Paddy Power Poker offers a new player sign-up bonus of up to $2,000 by doubling your first deposit. Thus, if you deposit $1,000 you are eligible for their maximum 200% poker bonus.

Every time you play for real money you'll earn 'Paddy Points' and for every 600 points, $10 of your poker bonus is released.

New players are also rewarded with entry to a 'First Depositors Freeroll' tournament every second Monday, with an iPad 2 and $100 in cash up for grabs.

Paddy Power's 'C*A*S*H' Poker VIP program allows you to earn different rewards depending on your rank - starting as a 'private', the more you play the higher up the ranks you move. Based on rank you are also eligible to receive free entry to weekly VIP Freerolls with up to $1000 of prize value and automated monthly cash bonuses of up to $800.

Another excellent feature is the Paddy Power poker school, which includes tutorials, lessons and hand ranking charts and information to help you improve your game and potential winnings.

Although a member of the i-poker network, ensuring plenty of players and action at all times, Paddy Power do poker a little differently from other bookmakers on the same network.

On 1 April 2006 they issued a press release saying they were were going to try and break the word record for the largest strip poker tournament. It was an April Fool´s joke but such was the response that they decided to go ahead and in August the world's biggest strip poker tournament took place in London's Café Royal with 195 runners from 12 countries!

Whilst that was a one-off, Paddy Power also sponsor the Irish Open, a huge live poker tournament that takes place every Spring in Dublin. The 2012 paddypowerpoker.com Irish Open takes place from the 6th-9th April with a €3200 buy-in, plus $300 registration fee and there is a €25 rebuy online qualifier every Monday night at 8pm with one €3500 seat guaranteed in each.

If you qualify online via a satellite on Paddy Power Poker you'll also be eligible to take part in their biggest online qualifiers promotion ever - the $100,000 'Sole Survivor'. If you outlast all other online PPP qualifiers in the Irish Open main event you win an additional €100,000 package (including cash and tournament buy-in's.

At the Irish Open 2011, Sole Survivor Niall Smyth outlasted more than one hundred and sixty other paddypowerpoker.com qualifiers, pocketing not only the €100,000 package but also €550,000 for winning the Irish Open itself!

Paddy Power Lotteries

Unique to Paddy Power is the opportunity to bet on the lottery as an alternative to taking part in it - select from a range of official National Lotteries and nominate numbers at fixed odds.

For example, you can nominate two numbers in the UK National Lottery draw at odds of 60/1, or perhaps select 3 numbers at 650/1. If you are very ambitious you can select 5 numbers and if they are amongst the 6 winning balls your bet returns at odds of 111110/1 (that's £111,110 profit from a winning £1 stake).

Paddy Power Payment Options

Customers can deposit with all major credit and debit cards, including Switch, Laser, Maestro, Electron, Visa and MasterCard. They also accept payments via PayPal, Ukash, Neteller, PaySafeCard, Entropay, Skrill (previously MoneyBookers), bank transfer, cheque and even cash - which can be deposited straight into an online account via any Irish, Northern Irish or Scottish Paddy Power shops.

They accept customers from around the world and deposit options are displayed upon registration to those located outside of Ireland and the UK.